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What is Easy Web Editor?
EasyWebEditor is one of the most advanced, yet easy-to-use, professional visual tools for building Web sites. 
Easy Web Editor’s intuitive easy-start environment requires no more technical skills than a common word processor, and offers all the professional editing features you need for your Website. 
Although Easy Web Editor is packed with functions, everything is designed with simplicity in mind.  
Your Website has a terrific number of pages and hyperlinks? With EasyWebEditor you manage it at once, visually, and you never need to enter or even see a filename! Want to quickly make some changes, then put everything on your Webspace? No problems, you do all the modifications, then just a click and the "internal FTP" does optimize the transfer and automatically avoids broken links between pages. 
You're free to concentrate on the design and content of your Web site... as any other effort is minimized! 
edit WYSIWYG even inside frames 
The WYSIWYG editor gives you an incredible number of visual options. Even “live” frames editing! 
When you first use Easy Web Editor, you will feel immediately at ease with the familiar word processor tools. You will become familiar with the other tools quickly. Everything is available through buttons and dialog, you don’t need to know "HTML", which you may have heard about, or even see it. 
Paragraph toolbar 
The paragraph toolbar. Note that you can use styles just like in MS Word, and so ensure your documentation has a consistent look and feel. 
Format toolbar 
The format toolbar. 
Page toolbar 
The page toolbar, useful to manage page keywords, page frame set, page backgrounds and even more advanced functions like slides. 
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- What is that Easy Web Editor? - What is EasyWebEditor for? - Manage an entire site at once - Instant Internet publishing - Advanced results with limited knowledge - Live browsing and editing: WYSIWYL™ - Globally manage page sets, global searches, collections - e-commerce, selling from your web site is easy - Concentrate on the content, forget the technical stuff!
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Special Edition: EasyWebEditor with Carlo Peroni - Perogatt templates and images! Nice clip arts and images for your Web site!  
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